Little Monsters by Kara Thomas

littlemonstersThank you Penguin Random House for sending me a copy of this book. It was amazing! Kara Thomas’s second novel deserves the 5 star rating that many readers have been giving it. It is a thrilling murder-mystery in this small town in the dead of winter.

In Little Monsters, we follow Kacey, who is relatively new to Wisconsin. She lives with her dad, step-mom Ashley, step-brother Andrew, and half-sister Lauren. On a Saturday night, Kacey’s new friends, Jade and Bailey, said that they would pick up her to go this huge rager, but they never showed. The next day, Jade shows up and says that Bailey has suddenly disappeared. Thus, the hunt for finding Baily begins. Kacey worries that because of her history of anger issues and her fuzzy recollection of Saturday night, that she will become a suspect. Over the course of the novel, Kacey tries to piece together what happened to Bailey and attempt to find her, if she is still alive.

This book is perfect for a  rainy day in October or a snow day. If you like Riverdale or Twin Peaks then you will enjoy this chilling thriller! Go pick it up and save it for a rainy day, you’ll devour it.


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