The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

afterlifeofhollychaseHappy February Night Owls! The Afterlife of Holly Chase, by Cynthia Hand, was such a good book! It was released about 3 months ago and I wish I had read it before the new year. It is a modern re-telling of  A Christmas Carol, it would’ve been great to read this during Christmastime. 5/5 stars for this magical book!

In the novel we follow Holly Chase. On Christmas Eve, 5 years ago, Holly was visited by 3 ghosts who showed her how selfish she acted. These spirits tried their best to help her become a better person. She was the Scrooge that year. After Holly didn’t change her ways, she died. Holly now works at Project Scrooge because she is a failed Scrooge. As the Ghost of Christmas Past, she tries to help that year’s Scrooge become a better person. That all changes with the next year’s Scrooge, Ethan.

Holly was an interesting character to follow. She was your typical social media mogul, who was obsessed with her image and social status. She wasn’t the best person in the world, but you end up sympathizing with her throughout the story. Ethan was just as interesting to read! I’m really enjoying reading unlikable characters because I’m getting a new perspective on main characters.

Cynthia Hand did a wonderful job with this book! I’m definitely going to reread this during Christmas because it was so good. The ending made me crave more of the story, but it was still a satisfying ending. If she did write a sequel I would read it. If you are looking for a good Christmas book this is the book for you.

Happy reading!


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