People Like Us by Dana Mele

people like usHey, Night Owls it’s Kat! I hope your day is going well and I’m very excited to share my thoughts on this novel. First things first, I want to thank Penguin Teen for sending me the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC).  

People Like Us is Dana Mele’s debut novel. It’s sort of a Pretty Little Liars meets Gossip Girl story. In this YA thriller, we follow Kay Donovan after she finds the body of classmate, Jessica. Jessica left Kay an embedded revenge list on her computer.

Kay Donovan is a senior and star soccer player at Bates Academy. One night while she out with her friends, they discover the body of Jessica. Later on Kay discovers an email from Jessica asking her to get revenge on some people. Kay thinks that completing these tasks will lead her to the killer. Now she is tangled in the middle of Jessica’s murder investigation. Bates Academy is full of secrets and Kay is out to find them.

I really enjoyed this debut! If you want to read a quick thriller this is the book for you.

Happy Reading!


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