Four Weeks, Five People by Jennifer Yu

four weeks, five peopleHey, Night Owls! Kat here with another book review. I meant to write this review right after I finished the book, but I kept pushing it back. I haven’t reviewed a mental health book in awhile so I thought it was about time I did. Four Weeks, Five People is Jennifer Yu’s debut novel. It follows five teens who are all experiencing various mental illnesses and disorders. These teens have been sent to a summer camp by their parents so they can get some clinical help in a relaxed environment. I gave this lovely book 5/5 stars! Trigger warning for anorexia, suicide, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, OCD, and dissociative episodes.

Clarissa has OCD and she really wants to get better. She also just wants her mom to give her some space and stop asking her if she is ok all the time. Andrew is the lead singer of a band. He has been struggling with anorexia ever since his band starting getting recognized. Stella went to camp last summer. She has depression. Ben always has a camera with him. He has borderline personality disorder. Mason is extremely full of himself. He has narcissistic personality disorder. These teens have been assigned to the same cabin and camp-long project. They need to decorate an empty room.

This is an own-voices novel for depression and anxiety. I enjoyed how the book was more character driven than plot driven. Each chapter was a different character’s point of view. Stella’s chapters were the most interesting to read. I appreciated her sarcastic comebacks. Andrew’s chapters were my favorite. In most YA books I’ve read male characters have never had anorexia. I was glad to finally see that being represented in YA because girls aren’t the only ones who have anorexia. Ben’s chapters were my least favorite to read. Most of them were written in a typewriter font that was hard to follow. I did enjoy how imaginative he was. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Especially since I’m taking AP Psychology this year. It was also well-researched. I believe Jennifer Yu is releasing a book about Stella in the fall. The book will follow before the events of this book. At least that’s what I hope the book is about. If not, I’m probably still gonna read it anyway. Lastly, if you are taking a psychology class or interested in reading a mental health novel I highly suggest this one! 

Happy reading! See you soon with another review 🙂


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