Trouble Is A Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

trouble is a friend of mineI hope your day has been going well Night Owls. It’s Kat and I’m here with another review. The lovely people at Penguin Teen sent me this book so a big thank you to them! Trouble Is A Friend Of Mine is Stephanie Tromly’s debut novel. It follows the adventures of new girl Zoe and the mysterious Digby. I gave this book 4.5/5 stars.

Zoe is the new girl in town and is living with her recently divorced mom. Zoe’s dad wants her to enroll in this private school that feeds into Princeton in the middle of the school year. One day, Digby shows up on Zoe’s doorstep and she instantly thinks he is rude. He also gives her the nickname ‘Princeton.’ She soon finds herself entangled in Digby’s investigation of the recently kidnapped teenage girl, Marina. Zoe and Digby along with Digby’s best friend Henry set to solve the case. The crew gets involved in drug dealing, a strange religious cult, and a robbery.

This story is very quirky and it might not be for everyone. I enjoyed it, but there were some points that really annoyed me. For instance, I didn’t like how no one thought to do anything about the religious cult because they definitely looked sketchy. I also did not like the peaty high school drama. It was so cliche. I also wanted to point out that I’m pretty sure cross country season doesn’t start in winter. One of my favorite parts of the book was the banter between Digby and Zoe. It was very witty.

If you’ve watched Veronica Mars I think you’ll like this book. The gender roles are swapped because Digby is more like Veronica while Zoe is more like Wallace. Currently, I’m in the middle of the second book and should be posting a review in the next few days.


Happy reading!


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