Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

emergency-contactHey, Night Owls! Kat here for my review of Emergency Contact by Mary H. K. Choi. I loved this book not only because it was one my most anticipated reads of the year, but also it’s now one of my favorite reads of 2018! I read this back in March so I’m sorry this review a few months late. There is a trigger warning for rape. I gave this book 5/5 stars.

In Emergency Contact, we follow Penny and Sam as their lives awkwardly collide in Austin, Texas. Penny Lee is now attending college in Texas with the hope of becoming a writer. Sam, a filmmaker and baker, works and lives in the empty storage room in the back of a restaurant. He also has over sixteen tattoos. Penny and Sam meet during a very awkward encounter, but in the end exchange cell numbers. Later that night they start texting. They talk about their deepest anxieties and dreams without awkwardly talking face-to-face.

Penny has left everything behind in sunny California. Her life there was pretty uneventful because her friends were just there, her grades were ok, and she somehow got a boyfriend, but he really didn’t really know anything about her. Penny’s dream of becoming a writer is her only opinion of getting out of California. So when she meets her roommate they go out  her roommate’s cute step-uncle. The cute step-uncle turns out to be Sam.

Mary H. K. Choi writing style was beautiful. Especially how the texts messages were written. Throughout the course of the novel, Penny and Sam developed into much deeper characters. I have to admit before I read the synopsis I was just gonna buy the book for its cover because it is gorgeous.

If you want a quick read that is also very deep this is the book for you! If you’ve already read the book please share thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Reading!


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