Discussion Corner: Book Buying Bans

Hey Night Owls! Today, I’m introducing “Discussion Corner” a new series where I ramble about a certain topic that’s on my mind. I’ve been contemplating about starting a “Discussion” series for awhile but I’d always blank when I’d try to write a post. So today is the day I finally share with you guys. I was supposed to post a month ago but I forgot, oops.

Today’s discussion is about book buying bans. For those who are unfamiliar with book buying bans, they are periods of time when you ban yourself from buying books. Receiving books from publishers and authors doesn’t count because obviously you didn’t buy the book.

For the month of July I put myself on a book buying ban and let me tell you it was a challenge. Not only because it’s the month I usually read the most books, but because there were so many new releases that I really wanted to buy.

At the beginning of July, I decided to reread the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard. I usually reread this series in December, but I ws just in the mood to read some PLL. Rereading long series is a great way to get through a book buying ban! I read 11 out of the 16 books in the series. I also listened to a lot of audiobooks!

Speaking of audiobooks, they are another great way to get yourself through a book buying ban. All of the audiobooks I listened to were from Overdrive. Overdrive is an app that connects you to your local library’s audiobook and ebook collections. During my ban I listened to a total of 7 books. I know that’s a lot, but it was so worth it.

To wrap this discussion up, here is a quick summary. Rereading a book or series is a great way to get yourself through a book buying ban. Another way to get yourself through a book buying ban is to borrow books from your local library. You could also borrow library books via Overdrive.


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