The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart

sacrifice boxI hope your day has been going well Night Owls because it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a review. Today’s review is The Sacrifice Box by Martin Stewart. I’m participating in a blog tour that’s promoting the release of U.S. edition. The lovely people at Penguin Teen, gave me a copy for a review, so a big thank you to them. I gave this book 4.5/5 stars because of a few minor details.

   It all started the summer of 1982, when Sep, Hadley, Arkle, Lamb, and Mack made their sacrifices at the Sacrifice Box. They vowed never to visit the box alone, never open the box after sundown, and never take back their sacrifices. The group later went their separate ways. Everything changed in 1986.

   All of the sudden strange things are happening- mirrors are breaking, the electricity keeps flickering, and people are getting really sick. Yet, the group hasn’t spoken to each other since that summer. Someone must’ve broken the rules. It turns out the group sacrificed more than their objects. They also surrendered their secrets and fears, and those are coming back when corpses begin to pile up, as murderous toys from the past, and as undead pets.

   Overall, I really enjoyed this book! It was quick-paced and action-packed. It did take me awhile to realize the book took place in Wales; at least that’s where I think it took place, please correct me if I’m wrong. The writing style intrigued me, and the characterization was phenomenal. Sep and Hadley’s arcs developed the most, but Arkle’s arc also grew, too. However, I wish there was more development on both Lamb and Mack’s character arcs.

   The U.S. edition was just released on August 28th, so go get yourselves a copy! Besides, it’s not only is it a horror story, but also a coming-of-age story. We need more coming-of-age stories set in the 1980s!


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