Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

tweet cuteHi, guys! Today’s review is on Tweet Cute by Emma Lord. In the age of social media, this book is a must read, especially if you use Twitter. In this gem, we follow two high school seniors who are running the Twitter accounts for their family’s restaurant businesses. I gave this book 5/5 stars!

Pepper is just trying to keep it together her senior year. She’s captain of the swim team with a highly competitive attitude. While her family is a mess, their fast food chain is doing extremely well, all because of Pepper. She secretly runs Big League Burger’s Twitter account, her family’s fast food chain. Jack, an annoyance to Pepper, struggles with living in his identical twin brother’s shadow and having a love/hate relationship with his family’s deli. On top of all of that, he has to deal with Big League Burger stealing his grandmother’s grilled cheese recipe. Jack is determined to take down Big League Burger by tweeting back some clever tweets. While Pepper and Jack may be at each other’s throats on Twitter, there’s something else going on between them. Little do Pepper and Jack know, they’re actually talking to each other on an anonymous chat app that Jack created and they’re falling for each other.

Pepper reminded me a lot of Spencer Hastings from the Pretty Little Liars book series, minus the whole being an heiress to a fast food empire. I really liked her perspective because like her, I get really competitive about my grades and sometimes have no idea what I want to do after college. It was also nice to see that Pepper and her sister ran a baking blog.

Jack’s perspective was also relatable. While I am not a twin, my younger siblings are twins. But like Jack, I know what it’s like to feel as though someone has some of future already planned for you. It was also nice to see a character who is into app development.

I really liked the budding relationship between Jack and Pepper, especially since it was less than perfect. Relationships aren’t easy and a lot of Contemporary YA gloss over that fact. Tweet Cute also did a great job portraying the fact that not all families are as perfect as they seem. This was especially clear with Jack and his twin brother, Ethan.

I can’t believe this is a debut! I think Lord did a wonderful job with the writing and characters. I loved the anonymous chat aspect so much that I have a newfound love for the anonymous pen pal relationship in books. If any adults want a glimpse into Gen Z life, this is a must-read!

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